Higher education

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles and Conference Proceedings

Howell, C. and Arnold, M. (2008). Night shifts: some situated dimensions of student technology use. In Proceedings of the 20th Australasian Conference on Computer-Human interaction: Designing For Habitus and Habitat (Cairns, Australia, December 08 – 12, 2008). OZCHI ’08, vol. 287. ACM, New York, NY, 315-318. DOI.

Riddle, M. & Howell, C. (2008). You are here: Students map their own ICT landscapes. In Hello! Where are you in the landscape of educational technology? Proceedings ascilite Melbourne 2008. URL.

G. Conole et. al (2008). “Variations on themes: four universities explore strategies that generate evidence-informed embedding of e-learning in their local context”. Proc. ED-MEDIA 2008. Chesapeake, VA: AACE.

S. Leaton Gray, C. Howell, and C. D. Franklin (2007). Post-impact evaluation of an e-learning cross-infection control CD-ROM provided to all general dental practitioners in England. British Dental Journal. 203, E20 – E20, 10 November.

Book Chapters

Conole, G., Brown, R., Papaefthimiou, M., Alberts, P., and Howell, C. (2010). “Fostering connectivity and collaboration – the approach adopted by Cluster C of the HEA e-learning pathfinder projects.” : In: Ulf-Daniel Ehlers and Dirk Schneckenberg (Ed.). Changing Cultures in Higher Education – Moving Ahead to Future Learning. A Handbook for Strategic Change. Heidelberg: Springer. [Find it on Google Books or Amazon]

Selected Peer-Reviewed Conference Papers and Presentations

Howell, C. (Submitted, 2013) “Eyes on the Studio: Examining the Student Learning Experience in Architecture and Design.” IVM3: Third International Visual Methods Conference 2013. September, Wellington, New Zealand.

Hannon, J., Wallace, P., and Howell, C. (2010). “Developing a viable institutional model of multicampus teaching”. HERDSA 2010. July, Melbourne, Australia.

Alberts, P., et. al. (2008) “Strategies for adopting an evidence-based approach to embedding e-learning”. Symposium. ALT-C 2008. Leeds, United Kingdom.

M. Riddle, M. Arnold, and C. Howell (2007). “Devices, Demands and Desires: Tracing Technology Use in the Daily Life of Cambridge Students.” ALT-C 2007. September, Nottingham, United Kingdom.

C. Howell (2007). “Conceptualizing Participation: Personal Development Planning for Undergraduate Students in UK Higher Education.” SIG 9, Phenomenography and Variation Theory. EARLI 2007. August – September, Budapest, Hungary.

C. Howell (2006). “From Project Monitoring to User-Oriented Evaluation: Evaluating PDP and Effecting Institutional Change.” Researching and Evaluating Personal Development Planning and E-Portfolios. October, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom.

M. Riddle, L. Wilson, C. Howell, and S. Hurst (2006). “Next Generation Repositories: Lessons from KRN.” Symposium. ALT-C 2006. September, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

C. Howell (2006). “Individuals, Adaptation and Agency.” Paper delivered as part of: “Collaboration and Engagement: the Use of New Technologies Across the Teaching and Learning Research Programme and the Applied Education Research Scheme” Symposium. National Centre for E-Social Science. June, Manchester, United Kingdom.

Workshop Organizer / Discussant

C. Howell (2011). “Recent Developments in Activity Theory.” Ideas and Issues in Higher Education seminar series. Centre for the Study of Higher Education, University of Melbourne. 12 September.

C. Howell (2009). “Designing Spaces for Learning: An Emerging Research Agenda.” Interaction Design Group, University of Melbourne. 13 March. Slides (PDF).

C. Howell (2008). “Critical theory and the return to the particular.” Critical Issues in Interaction Design. Workshop. HCI 2008. Liverpool, UK. Position paper.

M. Riddle and C. Howell (2007). “Use of Facebook by Staff and Students at the University of Cambridge.” Invited paper. Poke 1.0 Symposium for Facebook Researchers. November, London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education, London, United Kingdom.

C. Howell (2007). “Runaway Objects: Preserving Our Digital Belongings.” Workshop. ALT-C 2007. September, Nottingham, United Kingdom.

C. Howell (2007). “How Might Social Software Foster Learning?” Transforming Perspectives: Technology to Support the Teaching and Learning of Threshold Concepts. February, St John’s College, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

P. Carmichael, R. Williams, R. Proctor, C. Howell, and H. Truscott (2006). “SAKAI: A virtual collaboration environment for teaching, learning and research.” Workshop. ALT-C 2006. September, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

C. Howell and S. Warburton (2006). “New Learning Spaces and Learner Identities.” Blog.ac.uk. June, London, United Kingdom.

Selected Project Reports

C. Howell (2008). “Thematic Analysis: Students’ Use of Spaces for Teaching and Learning”. Learning Landscape Project. University of Cambridge. (20 pages)

C. Howell (2007). “Personal Development Planning Project: Final Report”. University of Cambridge. (28 pages)

C. Howell, M. Riddle, L. Wilson, S. Hurst, and B. Barrett (2006). “Knowledge Resource Network (KRN) Project: Final Report”. July. Cambridge-MIT Institute and University of Cambridge. (25 pages)

C. Howell (2005). “Learning and Skills Development at the University of Cambridge”. March. University of Cambridge. (50 pages)


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