Current Projects

Program Evaluation

In 2013 and 2014, my main project will be to design a program evaluation framework for the evaluation of the medical degree at Flinders University. The program evaluation framework will be developed in collaboration with colleagues in the School of Medicine, including clinicians, our healthcare partners, and community stakeholders. Social accountability is a key commitment for the School, and will be a driving force for the design of the evaluation.

Enabling Socially-inclusive and ethical visual methodologies

A 2013 grant from the Melbourne Social Equity Institute has funded this research project which aims to develop the research community’s understanding and engagement with ethical visual methodologies as a way to facilitate participation in research and promote social inclusion. The project arose out of an interdisciplinary collaboration, the Visual Research Collaboratory, which began at the University of Melbourne but now involves researchers from Australia and Canada. A key project deliverable is the creation of a guide for university research ethics committees and researchers that will promote understanding of ethical issues that may arise in research that uses visual methods.

A research symposium on ethics in visual research is scheduled for March 2014.


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