“flotsamandjetsam”: New exhibition by Alex Selenitsch

"dispersed brown slab" by Alex Selenitsch

A new show of works by Alex Selenitsch opens at Place Gallery in Richmond on 9 May.

Alex is a man of many talents: poet, teacher, architect, artist (in no particular order). Formally, his visual works often appear modernist in inspiration, but they also draw on the artist’s personal recollections and interest in identity and the history of place. Words and their placement are also important.

The title of his latest show, “flotsamandjetsam”, is testament to all this. The show promises mixed media, collage, intense colour harmonies – and perhaps a dash of agent provocateur sensibility.

Looking at Alex’s work, I am often reminded of Paul Klee. Klee also favoured mixed media, and his works on paper are characterised by texture and vibrant colour. “Abstract” forms break up and float free from the confines of the modernist grid. There is a sense of playfulness, a willingness to look differently at things. Alex’s work is very much his own, but I find similar (to me, admirable) qualities there.


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